Sandhurst and District
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GARDENING CLUB NEWS                     

Next Meeting

Wednesday 21 July at 7.15pm via Zoom.
Talk: “Drought Garden” by Kelvin Mason
Please pre-book to attend this meeting.

Autumn Show

We are hoping to run an Autumn Show on Saturday 4th September, albeit that it will be on a much reduced scale and informal in nature.

A draft of the schedule is available here to help your planning, and we hope to have a final version at the end of July.

Trading Hut

The Trading Hut is now open Sunday mornings 9.00am to 10.45am until the end of July.

New operating procedures are here; they are different so do please read them carefully. In particular let us have your order in advance whenever possible.

It is very important we avoid any ‘gathering’ of members at the entrance to the hut; we wouldn’t want to be closed down for not following government guidelines.  If we are going to be busy we may issue time slots for your arrival.

Don’t forget your membership form; it can be downloaded from this page. More information in the section below.

Membership Renewal

You are all aware what a difficult year it has been for the club, with the cancellation of meetings, coach trips and shows.  Our only glimmer of hope has been the ability to keep the trading hut open.  It has certainly been well used by ‘old’ members and many new ones too.

As a gesture of goodwill to those who have continued to support us this year, members who joined the club before the end of July 2020 will not have to pay their fees or postage for 2021: just collect a new membership card from the hut.

Those who joined after the 1st September have already paid for 2021: you also just need to collect your 2021 card from the hut.

In either case, please bring your 2020 card with you when you collect your 2021 card if possible.  Most importantly, you still need to complete a membership form please. The form can be downloaded here and will also be available at the Trading Hut.

The club continues to incur a few expenses so you are all invited to make a donation to club funds should you wish to do so.